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MPI has a thorough understanding of the challenges faced from the conception of an idea, through to the development of the project, and through to the release of a consumer product. Whether it is a simple website, a retail business utility, or online multi-player games. We have had plenty of experience with tight deadlines, tight budgets, adapting to changing consumer markets and changing competition, and balancing all of the above.


Some people can jump in with the sharks and swim, others sink. We swim.

Although many aspects of a project can involve delegating aspects to contracted workers, business partners, graphic designers, paper mills, printing presses, and others, we are fully capable of stepping in and directly overseeing any fine details of the business directly if needed to ensure what needs to get done, just gets done. Managing a project is more than just delagating, sometimes it means putting our noses to the grindstone and simply getting things done. Whether its dealing with malfunctioning hardware, setting up a new emergency server to deal with rapid growth of a website, dealing with exact ink seperations at a printing press, or the bend strength of packaging versus shipping weight, we are quite skillful at learning all the fine details needed to make accurate decisions from the top. It prevents management from thinking one thing and people doing something entirely different, due to miscommunication or technical limitations that management can't understand and work into their plans.

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