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An Edmonton Canada based company, Metamorphosis Productions International is a multi-division company operating a diverse range of businesses.

The most widely known division is focused on classic internet gaming, with the flagship Canasis brand. Canasis made its debut to the internet world in 1999 with the first shareware release of Canasis for Dos which consisted of just the canasta card game. In 2000, Canasis for Windows marked the change to freeware with many card, board, and domino games and optional paid enhancements.

More recently, Canasis.com released retail packaged products and is undergoing an aggressive marketing campaign to grow into a large online community, both locally and globally.

"Failure Is Not An Option"

This is the company moto and it has many meanings for us. Obviously it refers to the company's long term success but it also notes that failing customers by not meeting expectations is not an option, failing partners is not an option, and failing to remain a morally healthy company is not an option. At MPI, We know what we want to do and we know what we need to do, succeeding in that vision is the only option we will accept.

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